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Robin Class Band showing off their musical instruments made for last term's Home Learning. Hopefully some of their North America project work will be as impressive.

Apologies that Maths Home Learning was a day late - obviously the children can have an extra day to complete it (so now due in on Wednesday 27th)



What a fantastic last week of term. The reading assessments we have done with some of the class have resulted in lots of children reaching a new level and some a new colour. The rest of the class will be tested early next term.Please remember that these assessments are testing the ability to answer questions and summarise the text, not just decoding skills.

All the reading records that were in school have updated colours written in them.

Similarly many of the children got most of their spellings correct this week. As one child said " I almost beat my best score." Such a positive mindset. Thank you for supporting this work at home and for  the Home Learning projects that have arrived this week - they will all be on display in the lower band area at the start of next term..

DT has been great fun - and even where the end result wasn't as expected a use was found for parts of the fairground ride!

There is no Maths Home Learning task for the holiday but as ever please continue to work on learning all the multiplication and division facts up to 12 times table, use the internet sites and practise telling the time on both analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks.

 Finally there was a very popular X Factor competition and a sponsored silence for Salvation army. I am sure you  can guess which I preferred.

Wishing you all a good break..

Class worship this week involved several of the children performing a short play. As ever Elizabeth and Kihanna organised everything! :) 

Melissa and Amelia got a chance to play the double base, accompanying Mr Davies and the rest of the class on their ukuleles.

Week beginning May 8th

Despite only having four days this week there has been plenty going on. Firstly what an achievement - Reuben has FIVE Blue Peter badges. He also won the Rock Paper Scissors game which Rev Peterson did during his assembly about the important work of Christian Aid. The whole school took part so Reuben beat 280 children!

What a great afternoon building waterproof dens in the Forest School area.I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the children!

Friday 20th April

I hope you enjoy the photographs below. The glorious weather has made us appreciate our grounds, particularly the forest area where we made skeletons and the playground with its amazing blossom.

Letters this term:

Home Learning - 2 weeks on Time

The login for My Maths

Term 5 Home Learning tasks - choose 2

An invitation to watch the SRE video

The spelling overview for term 5


A reminder that our Forest School afternoon is a Monday and Indoor PE / Swimming is Wednesday.

I will be collecting in all the reading records next week.

We started to think about our favourite fairground rides and how they move, then created our own versions using the equipment from the Playpod. 

This week we have started our unit on persuasion. The class started by writing to a supermarket asking them to stock the smoothie they made last term. Watch out - they may well try their newly learnt persuasive techniques to persuade you to let them stay up late or have extra time playing computer games!

..Robin Class made some amazing Easter bonnets and gardens.

I am sure you are all as proud as I am - what an amazing job the children did learning their lines for our assembly, delivering them clearly and in the right place. Well done to everyone who helped them practise, to Sasha and Thomas P who made the Powrpoint, and to our three cross country runners who all did very well in the competition.

Maths Home learning is a day late coming home so can be handed in next Wednesday, March 28th. A questionnaire from Mrs Osborne  about Home Learning and clubs  is also coming home  today.

Thank you for filling in Reading records, your comments really are helpful. If you missed either of the workshops we ran on how to help your child with Reading or Maths the Powerpoints can be found on this website.

Finally there is a letter asking you to send in one item of fruit for your child's group to turn into their smoothie. Please send in on Tuesday 27th. Offers of help cutting some fruits and loans of blenders would be welcome on Wednesday morning - from 9:00.

All your children should have brought home the final script for our class service on  Thursday - 2:45 start. Please send in a sports kit for them to wear - CCJ  PE kit is fine, and any Fairtrade products for them to hold up. Thank you.

Good Luck to Franki Reuben and Lucy who are in a Cross Country competition.


Paper copies of Term 4 Home Learning has been sent home (a sheet with the spellings and a sheet with the projects which includes details of the poetry competition which we hope everyone will be keen to enter). Everyone has also had login details for Mathletics which we are trialing this week and next. We hope the children will enjoy exploring the site, particularly the multiplication and division  and fraction tasks.

Thank you for some very valuable comments in the reading logs - keep them coming!

The last week of Term 3 has certainly not been a quiet one with lots of art and design happening at home and school. All the children  have completed their Andy Warhol style  pop art and entry forms in order to get their Blue Peter badge. These will be sent off at the start of next term but may take several weeks to arrive.

There were some fantastic  exhibits on display in the Book Emporium which the children had a chance to talk about as well as to see what others had done. Finally today there was a House Cross Country event.

Over the holiday please continue to practise multiplication and division facts  for all tables up to 12s. We are continuing work on finding fractions of amounts next term, as well as looking at equivalent fractions  and it is essential the children know their tables to enable them to be successful  A sheet of calculations has been sent home today (Friday). Ask if  they can  tell you the difference between a unit and a non unit fraction. Can they explain what the denominator and numerator are?

I hope you all have a good week.

Robin Class enjoyed the Fitness Testing with  Future Stars coach Alex. They should have brought their score card home to show you.

What a huge amount of effort went into the Roman day costumes, and we had a brilliant, if gruesome day with Marcus. Photos to follow.

Maths Home Learning was on time this week - Thursday 25th - and is due back in to be marked on Tuesday 30th. In addition PLEASE keep working on those multiplication and division facts. This week we have linked them to exercise using the BBC sports website, great fun!

Maths Home Learning will be sent home a day late this week  - ( Friday) It can also be handed in a day late (Wednesday 24th

Well done to all of you who have started 2018 by commenting in the  Reading Record. Watch out for details of how you can learn more about helping children read and understand texts when we have a workshop on Friday February 2nd. 

This week we have started work on estimating lengths followed by accurate measuring. Thomas and Sasha proved they know what a meter of toilet paper looks like! 


Read all about it!

Find the first edition of our new CCJ newspaper by following this link. We'll post something new every week!

Maths homework - due in Tuesday 16th January

Here is this week's maths homework! You will need a tape measure or a ruler - ask Mrs Elliott if you need to borrow one.

 11.01.18 Home learning.pdfDownload
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Happy New Year,

I hope 2018 is a happy and healthy one for you all.

Just a couple of reminders.

Our PE lessons are on Monday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor). There are two further swimming sessions next week and the week after for those who have been going. Badges will be taken.

Maths Home Learning should come home on a Thursday and be returned on the following Tuesday in order for me to  mark / comment. A copy will be posted on the  website too.

Well done to everyone who brought in some Home Learning, you can see it on display in our classroom. in the cloakroom  and on the Lower Band display boards.

Don't do this at home! We have been learning to use the grid method of multiplication by drawing on the tables. 

It is great to see some  Home Learning coming in. Remember that it is all due by Friday 8th December.

Another busy week with a theme of Spots and Odd Socks at the start and end! The focus for Anti Bullying week was celebrating difference. All the children who didn't go swimming made the jigsaw below to illustrate that, whilst they are all unique, together they make up Robin class. The whole class looked amazing on Friday  for Children In Need. We have also started rehearsals for our Nativity service  ( lyrics should have come home). Finally the two pieces of writing below were chosen for our WOW wall- well done  Liam and Lilly.

What an exciting week with a visit to 'We the Curious' and our first  venture into the Playpod. There were flying carpets, caravans, spaceships, shops and an office to name just a few of the things the children from Robin and Wagtail class created together. They even all joined in the putting away of all the scrap they had used so imaginatively. Great fun!

Last week's  WOW work was chosen because the speech was well punctuated and not only was  the 'Toolkit' all ticked correctly but the work was well colour coded too. Well Done Thomas.


 Maths Home Learning for this week follows what the children have been doing in lessons and is to  to do with using the inverse calculation to check an answer is correct.

  1. Check whether the calculation is correct by writing out the inverse calculation  using the column method
  2. If the answer is correct write 'right' in the middle column.
  3. If the answer is incorrect write 'wrong' in the middle column and the correct answer in the 3rd column.

 This photo shows Kihanna and Elizabeth leading our class service and all the childrenreading our new ibles. The SIAMS inspector joined in our lesson which ended in the forest school area where we burnt slips of paper with something we were sorry for written on them. 

Next week we have an inspection by SIAMS and you should have received a parent survey ( on yellow paper).

Please try to find the time to fill this in. As RE lead I would be especially grateful if you could talk to your children about their experiences of RE lessons. Thank you. 



Each week, children in the Lower Band are given 10 spellings to learn plus two extra spellings from the statutory list of words that all children should be able to spell by the end of year 4. The children then work together in pairs (spellings buddies, or spuddies!) to see which spellings they can confidently spell and which they still need to work on. All learners are unique and there are a variety of different approaches to learning spellings - what works well for one learner may not work for another and vice versa! Take a look at the document below, which is full of suggestions for different strategies for learning spellings.

Reading in Robin Class

All the children have a yellow reading record which should travel between home and school every day.Please use this to record your child's reading over the week. Your comments will be read and acknowledged on the day they have their Guided Reading session. We also encourage the children to use these books to comment on their reading, which can be a colour coded book from our reading area, a book from our 'Reading Cave' or a book from home. Please note the school library is closed at present as the system is being up graded.

There has been lots of Stone age work this week including today's cave paintings - see the picture below where the children have wriggled into their caves and managed to produce some very authentic looking art work.


It has certainly been a very busy week.

We have: elected our School Council representatives Joe and Isla.

Our Worship Leaders Elizabeth and Kihanna used the resources in our new Worship Box to set up and help lead class service  and our Eco Warriors Reuben and Thomas W have been updating the website daily.  Lots of the class are walking,scooting or choosing to park and stride - Well Done!. 

Our pebbles have been finished, we painted the red pebbles which represent Love, our value this term -  look out for them in the whole school display which will be outside the staff room. We have also written our class charter and a class prayer.

Everyone should have Maths Home Learning, a Reading Record and lots of information on the Home Learning for this term, which includes weekly spelling lists. They should also have their Skoolbo logins so they can play fun maths games at home. Your support with these tasks is appreciated.

Interest Groups started this week and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone,

A reminder that PE is on a Tuesday and  a Friday.

I am looking forward to meeting  you in the drop in session on Monday, and am usually available at the end of the day if you have any concerns.



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The  teachers in Robin Class are Mrs Lovell, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Pollock. They have all been teaching for quite a long time!

Mrs Elliott has four children all of whom came to Christ Church Juniors. She enjoys travelling, especially to far away places and was lucky enough to have a whole year away in 2015 -2016. She has a cat called Hendricks, and enjoys reading and cooking. 

Mrs Pollock has two German Shepherds named Florrie and Betty and also enjoys volunteering at a rescue sanctuary for dogs. She has two grown up children called Jim and Emily. She often cycles to school- make sure you look out for her on her electric bike! 

Mrs Lovell also has two dogs- Dobermans and  three children. She  loves Indian food and if you hear laughter coming from the staff room it is usually due to her wicked sense of humour.