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Year 5 (Miss Wallbridge, Mr MacDonald and Mr Desmond)

Year 6 (Miss Harrison, Miss Harris and Mr Desmond)

Year 6 Hoodies - these should arrive in school during November. We will send them home as soon as they arrive!

Year 6 Camp!

Please follow this link for more information about Year 6 Camp at PGL, which will take place in May 2019.

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Our topic in term 2:

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and wondered if there is anything out there? This term, children in the Upper Band will become explorers, learning all about the solar system, our sun and our planet. As part of our learning, we will be investigating how the moon moves around the earth, how the rotation of the earth causes day and night and how the earth’s orbit around the sun causes the changes in the seasons. Look out for an exciting visit from a mobile planetarium as we travel into deep space!


In the Upper Band this term, we will be learning how to write newspaper reports, including direct and reported speech, the passive voice and descriptive techniques such as expanded noun phrases. We will be reading a thrilling novel called Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce and following the journey of the main character Liam, as he ends up in a rocket headed for outer space! It’s a real page turner with lots of great humour so we are really looking forward to sharing it with the children. At Christmas, the children will be creating their very own books based on The Jolly Christmas Postman and writing in a range of different genres so that all their characters receive some Christmas post!


This term we will be concentrating on multiplication, division and fractions. Year 5 will be comparing fractions with the same denominator, identifying equivalent fractions, converting between improper and mixed fractions and exploring how decimals and fractions relate to each other. In year 6, we will be using common factors to simplify fractions and using multiples to express fractions in the same denomination. We will also learn how to multiply fractions and divide proper fractions by whole numbers. Times tables are a huge part of the work we cover on fractions so please encourage your child to use Times Table Rockstars and DoodleMaths regularly at home. 

Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education

Our focus this term will be on how different religions help their followers through difficult periods in their lives. In PSHE, we will be exploring the importance of health, including personal hygiene, nutrition, keeping fit and the dangers of smoking and alcohol.


In computing, we will be learning how to use spreadsheets and databases to help collect, analyse and evaluate data, for example using Microsoft Excel to help us calculate how much profit we might expect to make from selling items at the Christmas Bazaar.


Indoor PE this term will be table tennis and outdoor PE will be tag rugby. Please ask your child’s teacher about which days they will need their PE kits or check our year group pages on the website. As the weather is beginning to get colder, it is really important that all children have appropriate clothing for their outdoor sessions.


This term we will start learning French again, including the names of seasons, talking about seasonal activities, learning about Christmas traditions in France and following instructions to make simple craft items.

What's on this term...

  • Thursday 6th December – Upper Band Christmas Bazaar (details to follow)
  • Friday 7th December – Year 5 Pedestrian Road Safety (dress up warm this day)!
  • Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Dinner
  • Thursday 13th December – Lower Band Nativity (at Christ Church, 1:30pm and 6pm)
  • Wednesday 19th December – The Xmas Factor talent contest
  • Wednesday 19th December – Upper Band Christmas Party

We acknowledge the use of data products or imagery from the Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) system operated by the NASA/GSFC/Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) with funding provided by NASA/HQ Elements have been enhanced in post production by the artist to create a unique representation.

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