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Year 5 (Miss Wallbridge, Mr MacDonald and Mr Desmond)

Year 6 (Miss Harrison, Miss Harris and Mr Desmond)

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Year 6 Camp!

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Our topic in term 3:


What are the Seven Wonders of the World? Well, it turns out there are actually quite a few! As we cover our topic, we will be exploring the seven natural wonders, the seven ancient wonders and the seven modern wonders of our world.  Following on from our space topic last term, this term we will be investigating much more about our own planet. As part of our geography topic, we will be finding out where different continents, countries and cities are located, using atlases and resources such as Google Earth. We will be exploring differences between the physical and human characteristics of different regions of the earth and identifying the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the Equator, the hemispheres, the tropics and the Arctic and Antarctic circles.


As part of our topic, we will also be exploring the artistic wonders of the world, using drawing, painting and sculpture to record observations and recreate work in the style of significant artists from different world regions. We will also learn about Chinese New Year by creating art to celebrate this important cultural festival, linking to our text in English.


In the Upper Band this term, we will be reading Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. Set in China during the 1940s, this tale explores what life was like growing up in a large family in a different part of the world. We will be continuing our focus on varying sentence lengths to build tension and using punctuation to add additional detail to our description. During the term, we will cover a variety of genres, including autobiographical writing, setting and character descriptions as well as non-chronological reports about the Seven Wonders of the World.


This term we will be concentrating on fractions, decimals and percentages. Year 5 will be comparing fractions with the same denominator, identifying equivalent fractions, converting between improper and mixed fractions and exploring how decimals and fractions relate to each other. In year 6, we will be using common factors to simplify fractions and using multiples to express fractions in the same denomination. We will also learn how to multiply fractions and divide proper fractions by whole numbers. Times tables are a huge part of the work we cover on fractions so please encourage your child to use Times Table Rockstars and DoodleMaths regularly at home. 

Religious Education

Our focus this term will be on the Understanding Christianity Gospel unit. We will be exploring the meaning of Gospel and discovering how Jesus’ life and teachings emphasise loving one’s neighbour – particularly the weak and vulnerable – as part of loving God.


In computing, we will be using media to present information clearly and effectively. We will be using our new iPads to create short stop-frame animations about a traditional tale from another culture and also creating short non-fiction books to show off our learning about the Seven Wonders.


Indoor PE this term will be benchball and outdoor PE will be hockey. Please ask your child’s teacher about which days they will need their PE kits or check our year group pages on the website. As the weather is forecast to be cold in January and February, it is really important that all children have appropriate clothing for their outdoor sessions.


We will be learning all about jazz and its historical context, focussing on how history has shaped our music and tastes have changed and been influenced by migration around the world.


What's on this term...

  • Monday 7th January - first day back (no INSET)
  • Wednesday 23rd January - Y6 trip to Concorde
  • Tuesday 29th January - 5BM and some 5AD science trip to Unit DX
  • Thursday 14th February - last day of term
  • Friday 15th February - INSET day (school closed to pupils)

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