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Welcome to the Upper Band

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Year 5 (Miss Wallbridge, Mr MacDonald and Mr Desmond)

Year 6 (Miss Harrison, Miss Harris and Mr Desmond)

Year 6 Medical Forms for PGL Camp MUST be returned ASAP if not completed already. Please ensure all medication is sent to school by Friday 17th May.

French postcard competition

This term in our French lessons we are leaning how to discuss our holidays. To start us off, we are recapping the names of different countries in French and how to pronounce them correctly, matching place names to their flags.

Is anyone planning a holiday to a French speaking country this year?

We will then be learning how to talk about activities that we have done on holiday. For example, ‘J’ai fait du ski’ (I have been skiing), ‘j’ai fait de la natation’ (I have been swimming). Next, we will learn how to give our opinions about the activities e.g. J’ai fait de la natation et c’était amusant (I went swimming and it was fun!) or J’ai joué au foot mais c’était fatigant (I played football but it was tiring.)

If you and your family are planning a holiday this Easter break, we’d love to hear from you on a postcard! Could you tell us all about where you went and the activities you did and write it all in French? Even if you are staying at home over Easter, we would still love to receive a postcard or a letter telling us in French what you got up to.

Il y aura des prix pour les meilleures cartes postales!

Send them into school and we can read them and translate them in assembly.
Bon voyage!

Year 6 Camp!

Please look at our year 6 camp page for all the information about camp including kit lists, medical forms and a copy of the presentation we gave to parents on Monday 4th March.

Year 6 SATS

Please see our year 6 SATS page for a copy of the presentation we gave to parents on Monday 4th March.

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Our topic in term 5: Do we have the power to see around corners?

In science, we will be learning all about how light travels - including recognising that light appears to travel in straight lines and using this idea to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye and to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. During the topic, we will be practising our observation and measurement skills.


As part of our topic, we will be exploring how to show light in art. We will use sketch books to make observations of still-life objects and their shadows and explore how light has been represented by famous artists and the techniques and materials can be used to show light and shadow most effectively.


In 6MH, 6RH and 5/6AD, we will be reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo and covering the genres of instructions and narrative. In 5KW and 5BM, children will be reading The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd and writing their own story with a flashback. In both year groups, we will be continuing our focus on how to use different language and grammatical techniques to create detailed setting descriptions and realistic characters! We will be particularly focusing on how to use speech effectively to show a character's personality. In year 6, there will be a particular focus on revising different types of grammar and punctuation in preparation for our SPAG SATS test on Monday 13th. You can help at home by encouraging your child to use their revision guides and to continue to practise their weekly spellings.


In year 6 this term, we will be revising key concepts that we have covered this year in preparation for SATS. In particular, we will be focusing on calculating accurately and efficiently and recapping on how to solve more complex problems using what we already know. In year 5, we will be continuing our focus on geometry and then revisiting multiplication and division.

Religious Education

Our focus this term will be on the South Gloucestershire RE Unit: What matters most to Christians and and to Humanists? As part of this unit, we will investigate the  similarities and differences between Christianity and Humanism, a non-religious way of life and consider how we should care for others and the world and why it matters.


In computing, we will be investigating the impact of technology and learning about how to evaluate websites and the content they contain. As part of this unit, we will learn how to find out who information on a web page belongs to, know that websites are designed to have an impact on the audience and know some ways to evaluate the reliability of web content.


Indoor PE this term will be gym and circuits and outdoor PE will be athletics, in preparation for Sports Day in June. Please ask your child’s teacher about which days they will need their PE kits or check our year group pages on the website. It is really important that all children have sensible footwear for athletics - trainers or plimsolls are both suitable but school shoes are not appropriate for PE lessons.


In French this term, we will be talking about activities that we might do at the weekend, for example, expressing what we would and wouldn’t like to do, asking others if they would like to do something, naming foods associated
with midnight feasts and giving a reason for accepting or declining an invitation!

What's on this term...

  • Tuesday 23rd April - INSET Day
  • Wednesday 24th May - First day of term 5
  • Monday 13th May - Y6 SATS: SPAG
  • Tuesday 14th May - Y6 SATS: Reading
  • Wednesday 15th May - Y6 SATS: Maths Arithmetic and Reasoning
  • Thursday 16th May - Y6 SATS: Maths Reasoning
  • Friday 17th May - Medication deadline for Y6 camp
  • Monday 20th to Friday 24th May - Y6 Camp at PGL
  • Friday 24th May - Last day of term
  • Monday 3rd June - First day of term 6
  • Wednesday 5th June - Sports Day!

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