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We are delighted to be able to reopen to all 302 pupils and to welcome everyone back to learning. Our greatest focus is now on implementing our systems in line with the risk assessment we have created and shared with governors to keep all children, staff and parents safe while on site. As we are living the situation, we are constantly reflecting on our systems and communicating changes that are needed. Below are many of the frequently asked questions that are being asked. We aim for this to be updated regularly as questions arise. If you have any concerns or questions not addressed, then please contact us on the school email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Will my child be in a bubble?

Yes. All children will be within a bubble, which is their class. In addition to their bubble they will be in a group. Adults will normally only work across one group and children will have shared resources e.g. bathrooms and PE equipment for their group. This provides an extra layer of protection for staff and pupils. Groups also have staggered drop off and pick up times as outlined below:

Surnames A-L

Drop off - 8:45am

Collection - 3:10pm


Surnames M-Z

Drop off - 8:55am

Collection - 3:20pm



2 - What can my child bring to school with them?

We do not want children to have anything in school apart from a named coat if it is cold/wet and their named packed lunch and named water bottle. Cloakrooms will not be in use so children will keep their coat on their chair, their lunch on the trolley and water bottle underneath their desk. Children should not bring a PE kit to school and should instead wear their PE kits to school on their two PE days. All stationery will be provided by the school so pencil cases are not required. Please do not send them in. Please do not use a bag to store the lunch box etc in. 

 3 - Can I come in to school to meet the teacher?

We are not currently allowing visitors to the school. If however you need to speak with the class teacher you can arrange a phone call through the office or email the teacher directly. When talking to the teacher at the door, please ensure you give them space.


4 - My child develops symptoms of COVID at school, what will happen?

If your child displays any symptoms in school, they will be isolated in the music room and you will be asked to collect them immediately. We will complete a form that monitors their symptoms and will take their temperature using a non-contact thermometer. The rest of their class bubble may also be asked to go home and self-isolate following the advice given from the Public Health Team. If your child or a family member shows symptoms, children must stay at home to self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19.


5 - A child or member of staff has a confirmed case of COVID, what happens next?

We will contact Public Health South West. The current guidance shows that pupils and staff in their bubble and those who have had close contact will need to go home and self-isolate for 10 days. Anyone with symptoms should get tested immediately. The school will ensure thorough cleaning of spaces used. At this stage we are totally guided by health professionals. 


6 - If the school has a COVID outbreak, what happens next?

If two or more children or staff from the same group contract COVID-19, then the same steps as above will take place. In addition, the school will receive additional support from the Health Protection Team and guidance from Public Health South West.


7 - How often will my child be able to wash their hands?

Soap dispensers, sinks and paper towels are available in every classroom as well as the bathroom and children will be encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival to school, before and after play and before and after lunch as well as after any visit to the toilet. There will be hand sanitiser in every classroom to help with handwashing too.


8 - Does my child have to use alcohol based hand gel?

No, if you do not wish for your child to use hand gel please contact us to let us know. Please also speak with your child so that they are clear that they should always use soap and water instead. However, they CANNOT bring their own hand gel into school as we have risk assessments and COSHH details for all hand gel on site. If you no longer wish your child to use hand gel in school, please let us know so we can respect your wishes. 


9 - Will CCJ be testing pupil’s temperature upon arrival?

No. We will continue to ask parents and pupils whether they have symptoms of COVID-19 including whether they have a temperature. We will only check a pupil’s temperature if they feel unwell during the day. We will use a non-contact thermometer to help us understand if they are symptomatic. This also helps us advise parents accurately as to how their child is. 


10 - My child has symptoms of a cold e.g. runny nose and sneezes, will they be sent home?

No. We understand that coughs and colds are normal. We will only ask for children to self-isolate and/or be tested if they have a persistent cough, high temperature or change to their sense of taste or smell. Vomiting and diarrhea continues to mean that a child must stay at home for two days but this is not about our COVID policy, it is about standard medical protocol.  


11 - Schools have now received testing kits- will CCJ test my child?

No. We will never perform a test on a child. We may recommend that you arrange for your child to be tested and have a few testing kits that can be used at home for parents who need them, but we have been advised that this is only where the family does not have access to the internet to order it themselves.


12 - I have heard that children with symptoms can be detained at school- is that correct?

No, this is a false rumor circulating social media. We will never keep a child at school without your permission. If we are worried that your child has symptoms then you will be contacted in the first instance. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date. Safeguarding children continues to be our highest priority. 


13 - Will the school ask my child to wear a mask? Will staff wear a mask?

Currently the guidance states that children in primary schools do not need to wear a mask. Some of our staff as well as visitors to the school may wear a mask and/or a visor. We are trying to limit the number of visitors to site to protect children and staff. 


14 -  How are you ensuring social distancing at collection and drop off?

This is our busiest time of day which is why we have followed South Glos guidelines of staggering the start and end of day. We have introduced a one way system on the left / Lower Band / Y3&4 classrooms as the gates and space on the Upper Band end of the school is far wider. Please help us by socially distancing, NOT arriving before the allocated time and staying back if you are waiting for a class to be released, so that other parents can pass by between you and the building. 

The diagram below shows you how the system should work.


15 - Can I visit the school office?

Please avoid it. We are trying to limit visitors to site and therefore we would ask that parents call or email in the majority of cases. If you have a letter or form to give in, these can be posted in the box on the wall. If face to face contact is necessary, please do not enter the building unless invited to do so and at this point, please wear a face mask. In most cases, our staff will come out to speak to you outside. 


16 - Are you running any clubs in term 1?

At present, we are not running any after school clubs due to trying to stop bubbles of children mixing. We will review this decision each term in line with the most up to date guidance from the Government. 

17 - Is Oldbury Court after school club currently running? 

We are supporting Oldbury Court After School Club by enabling them to use the hall in the mornings and in the afternoons so that wrap around care is still in place. Bookings must go through the after school club in the usual way and children will be kept in groups that mirror their groupings during the day. 

18 -  Will parents' evenings be happening?

Yes. Parents' evenings will be held remotely via an online platform this academic year.

 19 - Will Year 4 Barton Camp and Year 6 PGL camp be happening this year?

Barton is certainly not happening in October due to COVID and the current guidelines from the government. If it looks like it may become safe to do so later in the year, we will consult with parents about whether we go ahead and when. With Year 6 camp, we are also watching the guidance but realise that due to the large sum of money that a 5 day camp costs, we will need to work closely with parents to decide if it is possible or sensible to proceed. 


21 - Will music lessons and swimming be restarting?

Not yet. Swimming not starting until next academic year. Music lessons will be restarting in term 5.