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Christ Church CofE Junior School

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The Friends of CCJ

The Friends are a charity working to support and raise vital funds to support the education of the 300+ children at Christchurch CofE Junior School (CCJ).

Why the Friends are important

In 2019/20 CCJ was one of 24 schools declared ‘in financial difficulty’. This means that core funding can no longer pay for such things as the cost of trips, camps, interest days or special visitors. In fact, the school is finding it a challenge to find the money for essentials such as decent toilets and bills. The teachers and staff at CCJ work hard to provide the best education possible with the limited resources, and the Friends are increasingly supporting them in this by providing an important source of funding to ensure that the children can have the best opportunities whilst in school.

Where the money goes

In 2018, CCJ Friends raised just under £4,000 through events like the quiz, Christmas raffle, lower band disco, Easter Egg Hunt and Bake Off. A further £2,500 was made from a dance event and in donations for the library that was flooded.

As a result, the Friends were able to fund the upper band explorer dome and subsidise the lower band theatre coach to make it more affordable for parents as well as provide SATS refreshments for the Year 6’s. This in addition to the £2500 which will go towards the new library.

In 2019/20 the Friends committee will be working closely with Headteacher Pippa Osborne and School Business Manager Nicki Cleave in order to support the school as best we can. There is a long list of needs including refurbishing toilets, new white boards and new play equipment as well as subsidising the cost of trips and experiences.

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help:

 * attend the Friends Events and spend your money!

 * provide prizes that the friends can use in the raffle

 * volunteer at an event or work with the Committee to run your own initiative or         event

 * bring your skill to the table – do you know how to write a fundraising bid – we’re actively looking for people to do this

 * Speak to your company about their corporate social responsibility and whether they ‘match fund’ or support schools

 All of our volunteers are DBS checked and work within CCJ policies – find them here 

Get in touch, stay in touch!


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Current Committee

The current committee is:

 Co Chairs: Lisa Keegans Wood & Kelly Ballard


Treasurer Melanie Samways:

Pippa Osborne (Head of CCJ)

Susan Friend (Deputy Head of CCJ)

Nicki Cleave

Sophie Flecken

Alison Brooks

Ruthie Carstairs

Esther Monks

Beauty Phiri

Jodie Godfrey

Jess Favali

Laura Brindle