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Our pupils are really lucky to have such brilliant teachers, great resources and a wonderful site to support their learning. Using the links below they can navigate through some of the things they are learning about at the moment and see their homework for the next few weeks.        

At CCJ we have two wonderful band leaders - Mrs Milne and Mr Desmond. Mr Desmond is the teacher for 3/4AD and leads the lower band (years 3 & 4) as well as being our computing leader. Mrs Milne is the teacher for 5/6VM and leads the upper band team (years 5 & 6) as well as being our English leader. Despite having lots to do, our band leaders are really supportive and should be your second point of call, after class teachers, whenever you would like to offer support, volunteer for events or raise any issues. You can catch them in the playground or email them on the addresses below: