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Curriculum Overview                                                                  

Value - Engage - Inspire - Create                                                                                                                                                 


Curriculum Intent

At Christ Church Juniors, our curriculum drives all we do and encompasses all forms of learning both within the classroom and outside it. We believe that every child has the right to an exciting, engaging and inclusive curriculum that both meets the academic needs of every child as well as building resilient, inquisitive and rounded young people who are ready to enter the wider world. Our school vision and curriculum intent is below and is summarised by the words 'Value - Engage - Inspire - Create'. 

This curriculum intent and school vision was revised during 2018-19 with staff, children and Governors inputting into the words and ensuring that they capture what we aim to enable every child to achieve.  


Curriculum Implementation

Our taught curriculum is split into two cycles as we have two mixed age classes in our school and this way we can make sure that no child misses or repeats a subject during their time with us. The two cycles are then split into 'Lower Band' which is the curriculum content for our Y3 and 4 children and 'Upper Band' which is the content for our Y5 and 6 children. Each cycle lasts one year and this is split into six terms - two from September to Christmas, two from Christmas to Easter and two from Easter to Summer (please see the term dates on our calendar page). While every area of the national curriculum is covered across the year, we do not try and teach every subject every term as this does not allow the rich depth of teaching we want, so generally each term has either a science or humanities focus while subjects such as English and Maths are taught every term. This also allows for time to be spent in forest school, swimming, trips and visits, residential camps and interest groups. 

In 2016, we redesigned the curriculum fully in the way described however during this year (2018-19), we have been going through the process of re-evaluating all aspects of the curriculum as it is a living document that constantly changes and evolves to meet the needs and interests of the current cohorts. This year our children will be learning a new version of cycle 2 as designed by our staff. You will see that our Christian Values, the RE Curriculum and SMSC are the starting points for our whole curriculum and our staff use these where possible throughout each area of learning to ensure our pupils have a breadth of spiritual opportunities.

Our teachers work incredibly hard to ensure the curriculum they deliver across each year group is engaging, interesting, exciting and challenging. The overviews below give an outline of the area covered within each subject for each term of the academic year. Parents receive additional information through the school newsletter, band letters and events where we invite parents to join us in school. If you would like any additional information regarding the curriculum at CCJ please see your child's class teacher or band leader. 

Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum and holistic schooling offer is seen through a myriad of sources. To see the real impact we would encourage you to talk with our children to hear the breadth of experiences they have had; the depth of confidence they have in their abilities; and how ready they are to continue to grow through their next steps. Our Twitter feed, newsletter and website are excellent sources of information charting the journey of our school each year and demonstrating the rich variety that every child experiences. Furthermore, discussion with our engaged parent body, proactive Governors and innovative staff will illuminate how our curriculum impacts our children and their families. 

As with all schools, we also measure the impact of our children's education through statutory end of Y6 assessments (SATs) where last year 79% of our children achieved the expected standard or greater in every one of the measures. We also monitor through internal data during each year of our pupils' education. Teachers and senior staff meet every long term (three times a year) to discuss every child in terms of their academic strengths and barriers but also in terms of their social, pastoral and mental health needs. Additionally there are two further meetings a year with teachers and the Deputy and SENCO to discuss those vulnerable children who have special educational needs or disabilities, come from disadvantaged backgrounds or speak English as an additional language.   

Some of our greatest success stories are those children who are from severely troubled backgrounds, have additional or special needs and disabilities or join our community or country midway during their schooling. We pride ourselves in the quality of care that our team offer these children and while not every child may make the expected standard on their SATs, the impact of their time with us is evident through their ability to succeed in many other aspects of life learning.